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About Me
Vela isn't really my name but I use it when ever I'm online. I don't use my real name around the internet because 1)No one ever does and 2)I don't want people from work checking up on me since I always talk shit about my job. My job pays the bills but it's a pain in the ass. Anyways, I'm an art student hoping to pursue something in illustration or game design. I've always had love for the arts but it wasn't until senior year in high school I decided to go into the arts. Besides art I also love to learn about science, politics, and history. I'm a big animal lover and usually stand for animal rights (just don't ask me to join PETA). My parents are from Honduras but I was born in East Los Angeles, California. Yeah sure, East Los gets a bad rep but I love it here!

Random Stuff
· I love Vespas and plan to own one soon or the near future.
· Octopus Candy is my art blog which I should update more frequently
· I have an awesome dog named Sam who is my best friend.
· My favorite music genres are industrial, electronica, and trip hop.

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