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I got an email from LJ saying that if my account continues to be inactive my journal will be purged. Um, I may not post a lot of my own journal but I do comment on a lot of communities and on other people's journal. So, fuck you LJ. Don't touch my account >:/

- Vela

Classwork #1

Art Classroom Study

For my Drawing II class my professor made us do a study of the classroom ceiling focusing mostly on perspective with charcoal. Along with that we had to do two separate pieces: 1)Focusing on a small area with a different medium and 2)an unrelated element with any medium. I honestly had a good time doing this study even if the paper I was working on is fucking big (at one point my arm was getting tired). Turns out my professor also enjoyed this piece since she asked me to display it at my school's art building open house/grand opening. Since I am a little disappointed that I didn't have time to submit anything for the school's gallery, I am defiantly submitting this for the open house :D

My Intro to Painting class is enjoyable but a pain in the ass sometimes. I was struggling with watercolor for a bit since I have a hard time allowing myself to go darker. Gouache will always be hard to blend even if I have worked with gouache paint before. Acrylic seems to be also hard to blend since it does dry pretty fucking fast (at least with gouache you can always go back to blend with a damp brush). Oils is probably the only paint I didn't have a hard time with since oil paint is very forgivable. The final for this class requires use to do a surreal themed painting in b&w. I have an idea on what I want to do but we will see if I will be able to actually do it.

The process of transferring school is very stressful and not fun at all -_-

So much to do!

The Spring semester started last month and I have nothing but art classes. I was not able to get the math class I needed because of the stupid budget cuts at my community college. Finishing my transferable ge's is going to take longer than I thought because of this set back but it seems CSU Fullerton wants me to take a math test before they admit me to their school. Let's see how that goes.

My Financial aid money finally came in last week. It was enough to get a new computer! I kind of went all out for this PC since I wanted a gaming computer and something that will last me for a couple of years. I don't know all the specs since I got a couple of friends to assemble it for me but I'll get them soon. All I know is it's a 6 core, AMD Phenom II, 8gb of ram, and it has an nvidia geforce gtx video card (I don't know what series). Plus I'm finally running Windows 7, yay! :D
I just need to set up my new desk so I can run two screens. I'll take a picture of it once it completely set up.

I have tickets for three different concerts for the upcoming months. Rammstein and System of a Down in May (Rammstein is mostly for me, SoaD is mostly for my bf), and Front Line Assembly in June. I'm super excited since I've been wanting to see Rammstein and FLA for quite some time now. This is also a great opportunity to get band shirts too.

In video games "news", my friend let me borrow Fallout 3. He recommended it to me and so far I really like it. I just wish I had more time to play it since it is a very lengthy game.
Also, my bf got me Pokemon Black for our Valentine's Day. He knows I like my Pokemons :3
Since my computer now handles newer games I'm going to slowly transition to PC games since I always find better deals on them. Plus if I do decide to dorm I don't want to take my Xbox 360 with me. Lazy, I know :/

Winter Vacation

My winter vacation started last week and I've been too lazy to update anything. Actually I've been too lazy to do anything thanks to the 6 days of rain we had. It's too cold to go outside so I end up sleeping in. The rain fucked up my favorite pair of boots. I guess it's time to search for new ones. R.I.P. Nana Pole Climber boots :(

I finally finished that Pokemon Rocketship drawing I started on during the summer. It's not the greatest thing since it's really random but it was good coloring practice on Photoshop. It's over at my dA if you wanna see it. Personally, I feel a little more comfortable using Painter for coloring but I need to work on my coloring skills overall. Now I figure out my next project.

I started Fable 3 last week and now I'm very close to finishing it. So far I'm not enjoying as much as I thought I would. I really liked Fable 2 and was looking forward to 3, but now I just want to finish it and pass it along to my brother. The humor is pretty funny though, and now you can combine magical powers. Sadly, that's the only thing I can say I enjoyed about the game so far. The graphics are the same (ugly :/), the storyline is very bland, your character now talks for some fucking reason, and they assume your character from the previous game was good. I'm really happy I waited to get this game for $30 instead of $60.

Tron Legacy wasn't a disappointment, I actually really enjoyed the movie. The visual style and score was amazing, the storyline was decent, and the guest appearances by Daft Punk and Cillian Murphy was great. CG Flynn was kinda weird to look at but it did look like him. I just hope they stop with this one since the ending did kinda leave it open for a sequel. Don't get too greedy Disney......

The holiday sale on Steam is fucking amazing. That is all.

Summer Vacation Is Now Over :(

The Fall semester starts tomorrow, I'm not looking forward to it. I'm going to try my best though, I want to transfer out of this school so bad.

Went to the beach this past Friday, it was fun except for it being cloudy. I still got into the water since I wanted to use my boogie board so bad, it was really fucking cold D:

Haha, I suck at keeping up with things. I better catch up with this 30 day Video Game meme

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